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Superior Advantage

High Performance Product

With direction from the U.S. Department of Energy, Modular Building Institute, nationally renowned structural engineers and energy analysts in the U.S. and Canada Superior Building Systems integrates the latest technology into our building process and structures.  Factory fabrication and installation of high performance building materials, including waterproofing, flashing, insulation, windows and siding all work within the system as we promote better control, greater worker access, and an efficient finished product for your project.


Superior Advantage

Responsive and Experienced Team

You will find a responsive and experienced team ready now to achieve and surpass your expectations. Our employees are dedicated, driven, focused craftsman with years of experience.


Superior Advantage

Quality & Durability

By fabricating off-site and employing proprietary innovations for the building envelope Superior Building Systems achieves higher quality while reducing waste and cost. We start with dry lumber and frame indoors with jigs and pre-cut material to produce structures with better dimensional control, strength, and rigidity. Our structures include market leading building products with green, sustainable, proven and innovative components.


Superior Advantage

Engineered for Success

Superior collaborates with architects and engineers to create a more holistic construction approach. Our strategic partnership with Larson Manufacturing has contributed world class manufacturing experience, excellence and innovation that is infused into the many types of product being built today. Working with Superior gives you access to an entire network of engineering, set & finish, transportation, review and certification professionals with one mission ... your success.


Superior Advantage

Flexible Innovators

Superior is changing the way many of the largest companies are building. Our entrepreneurial spirit and flexibility enable Superior Building Systems to move quickly building products and helping to create new strategies for growth. Design flexibility and the ability to meet demanding schedules have led to projects from around the corner to thousands of miles away.


Modular Building Institute