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Off-Site construction is the ideal strategy for growth and Superior Building Systems is the regional commercial off-site builder of choice. Our customers' needs are as unique as the buildings they imagine and their facilities demand a specialized approach - and a specialized construction partner. We recognize that requires careful consideration of design, aesthetics, community and corporate cultures. Today's competitive environment requires forward thinking technology and unshakable focus on innovation and delivery. Superior is elevating expectations ... are you looking for a leading edge solution?

Off-Site Construction Advantages for Commercial Projects

  • Hands on approach, oversight in production environment and intense inspection procedures ensure your project will exceed quality requirements
  • Reduced impact to building site as most of the activity and material deliveries are preformed off-site
  • More efficient and predictable use of labor and materials
  • Reduced risks improve safety and keep budgets on track
  • Roll revenues forward with a year round building schedule that is 25% to 50% faster than traditional construction

Buildings can range from a few modular units to several hundred. The off-site construction process reduces project construction time as the buildings are manufactured concurrently with site preparation. In addition, the amount of site disruption is decreased as less work is performed on site. The process is well suited for projects where local labor is expensive or scarce. Off-site construction is one of the most effective cost reduction solutions. Savings are gained through manufacturing efficiencies and material purchasing volume. Our indoor factory environment & year-round production eliminate delays related to weather and damage from exposure to moisture and fluctuating temperatures. In addition it is a great way to alleviate many of the project management challenges a builder can face and simplify the entire process.

Project Types and Industries Frequently Benefitting from Off-Site Construction

  • General Office
  • Health Care
  • Retail
  • Commercial Housing
  • Mixed Use
  • Education
  • Hospitality

The successful execution of commercial projects requires highly collaborative, in-depth planning with Architects and Engineers. Your project will have the complete attention of our network of design, engineering, set, finish and transportation professionals. Maximize your company's future productivity by incorporating the benefits of off-site construction on your next project


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